The life of a new mom…

20 Nov

All of five minutes old.


This is Parker.

P-Man. Pookie. My heart.

He came into this world in the wee hours of Father’s Day, 2012. After nearly 20 hours of labor (!!!), he finally left the comfort and safety of my womb  for the comfort and safety found in the arms of dad. Looking over from the table as they put me back together, I watched the man I love cry at the sight of his first child, his son. Top ten unforgettable moment. What an amazing gift I was able to give my husband; a Father’s Day he is sure to remember far beyond any others.

Our lives forever changed at that moment. No longer were we just a man and a woman in love with each other. We are now a couple whose love is personified in human form. We now have the huge responsibility of not just caring for each other, but for caring for  a child. Loving a child. Protecting a child. OUR child.

Were we ready?

Is anyone ever really ready? We were about to find out.

My baby boy, five months old.

I’m writing this 22 weeks post delivery and I have to say, I have become one of those moms. A mom who can’t imagine her life before this little human being was a part of it. One who falls in love with him every time she looks at him. One who smothers him with hugs and kisses every chance she gets. One who tells him that he is the most beautiful, smart, exciting and loved little person on the planet. One who will hold him all day just because she can. One who would lay down her life for him without a second thought. I just love him so much.

I’ve also become a mom who falls more in love with her husband everyday. A mom who thanks God every morning and every night for blessing her with this amazing family.

But this mom is not perfect. I’ve curled up in a ball and cried next to his crib after several hours of not being able to soothe him. I’ve been selfish and given formula when my poor boobs couldn’t take one more suckle. I’ve looked in the mirror and wished for the pre-baby body I had (but ironically never thought was good enough). I’ve turned on Sesame Street for my five-month old just so I can shave my legs. I’ve resented my husband for getting to leave the house for work while I juggle full-time mom and full-time employee from home. And really, show me a mom who hasn’t done or felt at least one of those and I’ll show you a liar.

But that’s the life of a mother. I’m still a wife, a woman, a friend. I have a million jobs to do, but to me, being a mom is the most important one. I’m lucky to have been entrusted with this responsibility. And I’m happy to share my journey with you.



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