Love is a verb

20 Nov

When you show me love//I don’t need your words//Love ain’t a thing//Love is a verb
John Mayer

I want to start off this post by first saying, Happy Anniversary to my handsome, sexy, hardworking, funny, amazing, wonderful hubby!

Two years ago today, this happened:

Can we get to the honeymoon already??

Less than a year later, this happened:

In our seven total years together, two of wedded bliss, Matt and I have made an amazing life together. One that’s filled with love and understanding and tolerance (me for his gaseous attacks on my olfactory senses and sick obsession with Fantasy Football; his for my cleaning OCD and interrupting during conversations) and lots of laughter and fun. And sex…lots of fun, sexy sex. 😉 (Hence the latter picture, but that’s another post all together!)

So, I really started thinking about love and what it means to love someone. To celebrate them. To honor them.

For  many, days like today are a time where we can spoil the person that we love with some extravagant gift–jewelry, shoes, trips. etc. But what if physical gifts were taken out of the equation? How do you show your love? And not just on the days that have a card to accompany it, but every day?

For me, I wake up every morning and think of ways that I can put the love I have for my husband into action. If I’m up first, I make him coffee. I pack him a lunch. I make sure his work clothes are clean. If he’s running late, I’ll go start his car when its cold out. I tell him he looks good and smells ah.may.zing. (thank you, Armani) every time he leaves the house. I make him dinner. I’m excited to see him when he comes home. I send him cute/funny/sexy texts to help his day go faster.  I talk him up to everyone that I meet. I pray for him.

A lot of people think that I am crazy for doing these things. That I am spoiling my husband by taking care of him. That I’m perpetuating this antiquated version of marriage. But I don’t see it that way. They want to know what he does for me that warrants me doing so much for him.

Love is doing for others what you would do for yourself. If I left the house for work every day I would love to have a hot cup of coffee, clean clothes, my lunch taken care of, a warm car and a little confidence boost all before 9 a.m., so why wouldn’t I do the same for my husband?

As for what he does for me, he shows me love day in and day out. He listens to me and challenges me. He pushes me to follow my heart. He encourages my writing/crafting/decorating/cooking/fabulousness. He gives 110% to our family and our future. He never left my side through 20 hours of labor. He tells me everyday that I’m beautiful. He loves my loud, crazy Italian family as if they were his own. He makes me laugh when I need it the most. He always grabs me my favorite candy. He throws surprise birthday parties for me. He thanks me for loving him..and loves me right back. He does everything I need him to and more.

So happy anniversary, baby! Here’s to many, many more years of knowing what each other needs and giving it in abundance.


What are the things that your husband/wife/partner do to show you love? What is something unique that you do for them that people think you’re crazy for?


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